It’s showtime: Take It Off Broadway

Five female and one male burlesque performers sitting in a theatre looking at the camera.
Send in the Girls Burlesque in Take It Off Broadway. Photo credit: Dave DeGagne and Brad Gibbons of

In the midst of this month of -20 temperatures, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for a way to warm up.

Enter: Send in the Girls Burlesque’s latest show, Take It Off Broadway which runs for three performances only at Fort Edmonton Park’s Capitol Theatre February 14 and 16.

The smart, sexy burlesque troupe brings their focus to old-school Broadway this February in a revue-style show. Delia Barnett (Co-Artistic Director and performer of Send in the Girls) says, “The show loosely follows the dream of showing up somewhere with these big dreams in your head and working really hard to achieve those dreams. It starts off with “Another Op’nin of Another Show“, which is about arriving wide-eyed in New York and the show ends with “New York, New York” and the idea of ‘making it’ and making your dreams into reality.”

Take it Off Broadway is about the roots of Broadway as we know it, which dates back to the early 1900s and much of the history corresponds with the early roots of burlesque, which came out of vaudeville and is associated with the idea of following big dreams as well.”

Following more of the classic burlesque revue-style of show, Take It Off Broadway uses less of a storyline than some of Send in the Girls’ more narrative shows and features individual and group numbers, with hosting by Co-Artistic Director and performer Ellen Chorley in between the performances.

Delia says no matter which Broadway era you’re most fond of, you’ll find something to love in this show. “The dancers will present various dance numbers that are either from the golden age of Broadway, the 20s to the 60s or musicals that are set in that time. So, that gives us the ability to dance to songs from musicals like Cabaret or Chicago… What I love about burlesque is that even in this show with such a heavy theme, there is so much variety. Even in the group numbers, we go from classic showgirls to down and dirty murderesses.”

Back lit women standing in front of a window in various poses.
Send in the Girls in Take It Off Broadway. Photo credit Dave DeGagne and Brad Gibbons of

While Take It Off Broadway is programmed for the Valentine’s Day slot at Fort Edmonton Park, Delia says it’s not just for lovers to enjoy. “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about your romantic partner. I’m a big fan of Galentine’s Day movement. Burlesque really speaks to women. It would be a nice Galentine’s Day idea or even a gift to yourself. When people see burlesque, they leave feeling so good about themselves and with so much more self-esteem. We get to hear really cool stories about how watching certain people perform makes the audience member feel more comfortable and happier at home.”

If you can’t get enough Send in the Girls, the Capitol Theatre has programmed a full season of burlesque shows including the return of With Glowing Hearts in June and a brand new show in November.

Take It Off Broadway runs at the Capitol Theatre for three performances only February 14 and 16. Tickets are $30 through Fort Edmonton Park’s box office.

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