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Edmonton Downstage | 28.07.2014

John Richardson shared his thoughts on the Edmonton Galleria Project on his blog Behind the Hedge and why we might want to stop using the term “world class”. The Freewill Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Edmonton Downstage | 21.07.2014

I’m taking inspiration from Sharon Yeo’s wonderful blog, Only Here for the Food, and starting a roundup of Edmonton theatre happenings. I’m still going to be reviewing shows, but there’s so many wonderful … Continue reading

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#yegfringe and After the House Lights

For the first time since I moved to Edmonton, I’m going to be away during the Fringe Festival. While it’s for a good cause (a friend I met while she … Continue reading

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Same Time Next Year a touching portrayal of a loving non-traditional relationship

It’s a popular saying that people often come into your life when you need them the most, and Same Time Next Year playing at Festival Place shows the truth and … Continue reading

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10 things I learnt by working on Jennie’s Story

I’ve been assistant stage managing Jennie’s Story at Walterdale Playhouse, so After the House Lights has been a bit quiet, but I’m learning so much about theatre from this experience. One of … Continue reading

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Jennie’s Story Humanizes the Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta

If upon such examination, the board is unanimously of the opinion that the patient might safely be discharged if the danger of procreation with its attendant risk of multiplication of … Continue reading

June 30, 2014 · 2 Comments

Found Festival ready to take over Old Strathcona for a third year

“It sparks from the idea that young artists can’t afford space. Let’s do art in spaces we don’t have to pay for. This sort of work is being done all … Continue reading

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