Jenna Marynowski. Headshot by Nanc Price Photography

Photo credit: Nanc Price Photography

After the House Lights exists to shine the spotlight on the theatre artists making work that’s innovative and compelling, the presenters giving those works a venue, the funders who believe in those artists and their daring projects, the journalists, podcasters, photographers and bloggers providing feedback and sharing the behind-the-scenes stories, and the audiences that are willing to take a risk and see one of the hundreds of shows staged in Edmonton each year.

After the House Lights is primarily written by Jenna Marynowski. I am an Edmonton-based marketer, theatre-lover and fitness instructor/enthusiast. My addiction to theatre started shortly after I moved to Edmonton and is one of the main drivers of my love for this city. In 2009 I started writing for Sound + Noise, a music and theatre blog founded by Dr. Michael D. MacDonald as a pedagogical extension of his popular music courses, later becoming the Managing Editor. I started After the House Lights in 2013 as one of Edmonton’s first blogs dedicated solely to the theatre community. In 2019, I put After the House Lights on hiatus while I pursue my MBA.

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I love to connect with anyone who’s interested in Edmonton’s theatre community online. Let’s get to know each other on Twitter and Instagram.


Receiving the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts at the Mayor's Award of Excellence

Receiving the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts at the Mayor’s Award of Excellence

Thank you to all the readers, artists, and arts-supporting organizations that have helped After the House Lights receive the following recognition:

How I work

After the House Lights is a labour of love and passion. Any opinions on After the House Lights are those of the author the post is credited to. I retain full editorial control over everything posted under my username, jennamarynowski, and don’t censor any guest posts written under their author’s respective usernames.

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