The best of what’s on Edmonton’s stages each weekend

Many who have been reading After the House Lights will know that I used to do a weekly feature called Edmonton downstage, where I highlighted upcoming shows, theatre news from the week, and interesting tidbits I came across.

Last fall I decided to branch out and try publishing that information in the form of a weekly newsletter, which I did from September to December. This format is a lot more personal, easier to read, and allows me to branch away from pure theatre to share interesting articles, videos, and even fitness tips (I’m now a certified group exercise instructor) that didn’t seem natural to include in the previous Edmonton downstage articles. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of shows I recommend checking out for the weekend when you’re starting to think about what to do for the upcoming weekend.

If that sounds like something you’d like delivered to your inbox (pretty much) every Thursday, you can sign up for the newsletter through Mailchimp. If you’re still not quite sure, check out the last newsletter I sent before Christmas, or any of the newsletters from the archive.

I will absolutely never sell the email list, so trust that your email is safe with me. In the future, I may start including ads in the newsletter as a way to start earning revenue from After the House Lights (currently this blog is just a labour of love), but for now, the newsletter is ad-free.

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