Flaps of Steel at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

Melody Stang and Kayla Williams in Flaps of Steel. Photo credit: Kenneth Locke Photography

Melody Stang and Kayla Williams in Flaps of Steel. Photo credit: Kenneth Locke Photography

The Dirrty Show presents: Flaps of Steel by Kayla Williams and Melody Stang
August 11, 15, 16, 19 – 21 at the Backstage Theatre
More information: thedirrtyshow.com

An interview with Kayla Williams and Melody Stang. 

Describe your show in five words.

Hilarious ballads about boobs & balls

Okay, now that we’re intrigued… what’s the longer description?

Gliding your mind down into the gutter one harmony at a time, two empowered women (Kayla Williams and Melody Stang AKA The Dirrty Show) sing of ‘Double R-rated’ topics, transforming them into melodic hilarity. “Flaps of Steel” features slick riffs and quick wit that will tickle your funny-boner.

Blending aspects of music, comedy, improv and ridiculous dance moves, Flaps of Steel takes you on a harmony-rich, sexual odd-yssey of harmonious and hilarious ballads of boobs and balls. Featuring unfiltered and infectious tunes like Just the Tip and Queef Anthem, the song-writing spans across all genres. You might blush, but you’ll be clamoring for more.

How did you come up with the concept of The Dirrty Show?

Kayla: The Dirrty Show came about after we attended college for music. We had always performed “normal” music but when we would sit down to write together it would always turn into something funny (drinking may have been often involved). We performed a couple of these dirrty tunes at house parties and our friends always requested them so we made the decision to write many more (now over 60 songs) and pursue The Dirrty Show as our main endevour. It proved fruitful as the band is now 5 years strong, we’ve played all over in Canada, the U.S and Australia and have switched our focus to comedy rooms and festivals- like the Fringe!

What’s your process for writing the songs that are part of The Dirrty Show?

Kayla: When we write songs for The Dirrty Show it’s usually together. We sometimes come with an idea to write about (like we need a song about queefing or morning wood -and bam, magic happens!) but often times we just jam the music first then see what comes out of our mouths second. Sometimes we have our good friend Vodka to help with the creativity and silliness. We both write some of the music, melodies and lyrics- and try to be brutally honest with each other about if the material is actually funny or not.

Melody: Writing as a duo requires a lot of the same direction and willingness to compromise when we’re not on the same page. We’re both very stubborn sometimes lol but we manage to come to a consensus. We leave very few songs unfinished, which is a common loss for a lot of artists: not being able to fully complete an idea.

For Edmontonians who have seen previous performances of The Dirrty Show, what can we expect from Flaps of Steel?

Kayla: If you’ve seen The Dirrty Show you’ll be familiar with some of the material in Flaps of Steel but there are brand new elements of stage props, improv, theatrical elements, dancing, and new random banter in every show!

Melody: We have tailored our set to be a lot tighter with ideas and comedy riffs, as well as further develop our characters of the “Tit Master” (Kayla) and the “Golden Dyke” (Melody). Even though the show is entirely light-hearted with comedic intentions, we still wanted there to be an underlying theme that meant something more than just joking around about sexuality – we want to approach sex with an openness that a lot of people still have trouble doing. We want there to be a sex-positive and inclusive message, especially for women.

Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

Flaps of Steel is at Edmonton Fringe:
Tickets: $10 ($8 for Senior/Student)
Audience Classification: Mature. Coarse Language, Sexual Content.
Backstage Theatre, 10330 – 84 Ave
(Northeast corner of Arts Barns), Edmonton, AB

Thurs Aug. 11 – 10pm
Mon Aug. 15 – 12:00pm
Tues Aug. 16 – 4:15pm
Fri Aug. 19 – 8:15pm
Sat Aug. 20 – 12:00pm
Sun Aug. 21 – 6:15pm

Also check out our brand new comedy album Cream – available on iTunes.

The 35th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is August 11 – 21. Get your tickets at tickets.fringetheatre.ca.

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