Asking the Internet: the Ya-Hoo Answers at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

Asking The Internet: the Ya-Hoo Answers. Photo credit: Marc J Chalifoux

Asking The Internet: the Ya-Hoo Answers. Photo credit: Marc J Chalifoux

Asking the Internet: the Ya-Hoo Answers 
August 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21 at Venue #8: Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre
More information:

An interview with Kari Larson. 

Describe your show in five words. 

Does a fart contain DNA?

Okay, now that we’re intrigued… what’s the longer description?

Asking the Internet is a (dance) commentary about online forums. Trapped in a 1990s time warp, three teens are confronted by a spandex wearing pied piper along the information superhighway. Join them as they navigate through the World Wide Web of questions… and answers.

Asking the Internet: the Ya-Hoo Answers incorporates real questions from Yahoo Answers. How did the idea for this show come about?

I thought it’d be really great to create dance to some new classical music with Internet forum questions as lyrics that a friend of mine composed, which was recorded live in Toronto last November. From there the idea morphed to include live text from forum threads and a comedy podcast recording (My Brother, My Brother, and Me) that answers a Yahoo Answers question, as well as the creation of the ‘Ya-Hoo’ as an actual character that would represent the Internet ‘hive mind’ and how it influences us.

What was the creation process like, creating choreography inspired by Internet forums?

I’d say it was inspired by the characters that would emerge from the Internet forum questions – I would ask myself what kind of person would ask “How do you unbake a cake?” or “Did I turn my boyfriend into a vampire?” and based movement off of the projected emotions I thought these individuals might have.

What questions, thoughts or topics of your own did you want to explore through Asking the Internet: the Ya-Hoo answers?

I wanted to explore the idea of the power of the Internet over our lives as an influential ‘hive mind’, because the Internet is only as vibrant as we collectively make it. I really like how the ‘Ya-Hoo’ has evolved into a creature in spandex tights that initially shows a lot of power but then begins to lose its relevance as the ‘hive’ (of other dancers) reasserts their individuality.

Our show also has a 90s theme and I wanted to play with the ideas of nostalgia, irrelevance, and the obsolete when it comes to past pop culture or the fading forms of Internet use (like message boards and forums).

Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

On top of this being a super funny and interesting topic, this has been hugely collaborative and our show uses original new classical music by James Lowrie from Toronto and original sound design by local Arden Kobewka. Check out more details at!

The 35th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is August 11 – 21. Tickets go on sale August 3 at noon and will be available at

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