Edmonton downstage | 05.11.2015

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  1. John Richardson

    I posted my thoughts on the Galleria at some length last summer: https://behindthehedge.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/a-few-thoughts-on-edmontons-galleria-project/
    In a nutshell, I don’t think it’s the best idea for the City or for Edmonton’s arts communities, but, if it happens, we’ll make something great of it.
    Now, a year after it was first announced, I feel almost certain that the Galleria will not go ahead in anything like the original proposal. The University is still not on board, the fallout of the drop in oil prices has finally hit jobs in Edmonton, and there are more important infrastructure demands on Edmonton City Council than another iconic Downtown mega-project.
    As I said in June, the arts communities and the larger community would be better served by a diversity of smaller venues dispersed around the city.
    I wish the philanthropic types behind the Galleria had followed that path.

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