2014 Yeggies recap

I know what you’re thinking – “Yeggies? Who’s putting on that play?”

For the first time on After the House Lights, I’m not writing about a strictly theatre or arts-related event. The Yeggies are an annual awards show highlighting content creators in new media in Edmonton – blogs, podcasts, videos, Twitter… you name it, the people who use those media to tell Edmonton’s stories were recognized in an awards show (complete with a red carpet!) last Saturday night.

The Yeggies event is put on by an organizing committee of seven, with over 300 submissions in 18 categories this year judged by a panel of 13 of Edmontonians who are active in social media.

I was honoured to be nominated by a few people – John Richardson of Behind the Hedge and Taylor Chadwick and Chris Cook of the What It Is Podcast (who, coincidentally, I also nominated) – in the Arts & Culture category, which included a whole host of talented people and groups putting out awesome content about the creative happenings of this city. Every one of the nominees is doing such great work that I was completely surprised when After the House Lights was announced as the winner of the category.

Blogging to me has always been this individual activity that happens when I’m in the dark in front of my computer struggling over the right way to articulate what exactly made the show I just saw so awesome. I started blogging about theatre as a way to try to thank the artists whose work was blowing my mind and changing the way I saw the world and myself and to try to get more people out to experience those shows. Even though I know it’s out on the Internet, somehow it always surprises me that real people are actually visiting my blog to find out what’s on in Edmonton.

So, thank you, readers, for reading After the House Lights and to the artists who let me share their stories and work. Thanks to the people who nominated me, the Yeggies sponsors, organizing committee, and the judges for the time you put into reviewing all of the submissions, organizing a kick-ass event and generally encouraging people to tell Edmonton’s stories. And thank you to my friends, family and my partner, Chris, for supporting my theatre &  blogging habit (addiction?).

2014 Yeggie medal and Arts & Culture category nominees

2014 Yeggie medal and Arts & Culture category nominees

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