Canoe Theatre Festival 2015

Canoe Theatre Festival has consistently blown my mind ever since I started attending it three or four years ago. Workshop West really goes above and beyond to bring us these awesome artists and shows that change the way I see theatre, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

So, when Workshop West asked me if I would entertain the idea of After the House Lights being the official blog of Canoe Theatre Festival, what could I say but, “Of course!”

So, over the next week or so, After the House Lights is going to turn into a showcase of Canoe Theatre Festival. (PS – the showcase started earlier this month with my festival preview interview with Artistic Director, Vern Thiessen.)

I’ve interviewed the writer/creator of every piece that’s in the festival and I’ve recruited army of smart, interesting, creative bloggers who will be posting their thoughts and reactions on the shows on After the House Lights. I’m actually going to be in Mexico during the festival, however, I know that I’m leaving readers in wonderfully capable hands.

Some of those bloggers will be anonymous, which was an awesome suggestion by Brooke Leifso who pointed out that sometimes it’s difficult to provide commentary on your co-workers and co-collaborators, even though that honest feedback is really important. Other bloggers, like Taylor Chadwick from the awesome What it is Podcast, have chosen not to be anonymous and will also be sharing their thoughts on After the House Lights.

So, how can you access all this goodness?

  • Follow my blog by clicking the “Follow” link on the right hand side of the homepage or just bookmark the Canoe Theatre Festival page.
  • Follow @WorkshopWest on Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Check out the #canoe2015 feed on Twitter – and share your own thoughts about the shows here as well!

Or, you can just grab a paddle, get your tickets and see the shows, because from what I can tell, they’re all going to be great.

– Jenna Marynowski

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