Edmonton Downstage | 01.09.2014


This is why there’s no Edmonton Downstage last week, this week, and next week. 🙂 We’re about halfway through our vacation and absolutely loving every minute.

I hope all Edmonton theatre peeps had an amazing Fringe!

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    1. jennamarynowski

      Thanks, John! I think yourself and everyone else writing, tweeting and talking about Fringe (whether they’re paid to do so or not) are just amazing! And, of course, the artists! Fringe is my favourite time of year because it seems like everyone in the city – regular theatre-goers/performers or not – gets caught up in the magic of the festival!


      1. John Richardson

        I feel like every weekend – everyday – is a celebration in Edmonton. This weekend there’s been free concerts by the Symphony in Churchill Square and at Kinsmen, Sonic Boom Fest has packed fans into the Kdays site, FC Edmonton had a big futbol win, the biggest triathlon in the world had its finals here, there was a funky family kite festival in Callingwood . . . There was even a Chinese Pop Music Festival!

        And this evening Jack Whit took to the stage at Sonic Boom Fest *at the same time* that Katy Perry was rocking Rexall!

        And Cité Ballet was wandering around Old Strathcona in tutus yesterday, and . . .


      2. jennamarynowski

        Ah! So that’s what I’m missing out on!

        You’re right – there’s always so much to do in our wonderful city, especially in summer!


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