Vaudevillian at Edmonton Fringe Festival

Yardbird Suite (11 Tommy Banks Way) August 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22
More information:

An interview with James Jordan.

Describe your show in five words. 

World Class One-man Variety Show

Okay, now that we’re intrigued… what’s the longer description?

This is a one-man vaudeville variety show with original magic, skilled juggling, royalty-free music and comedy. James Jordan’s professional and polished performance has been headlining comedy clubs and children’s festivals all over the world!  See James predict the future with his crystal ball and then blindfolded and barehanded he finds a signed card in a minefield of mousetraps.

You’ve spent 20 years as a street performer and now you’re transitioning “from street to stage”. How is the transition going? What are some of the most challenging aspects?

Good street performing is already theatrical by nature, and with my history with Loose Moose Theatre, lead roles in professional musical productions, stand-up comedy and corporate gigs, the transition has been quite smooth, it’s a nice change of pace. On the street the jokes and the tricks have to by flying so fast to keep the attention of the crowd while at the same time gathering more people to join. In the theatre you can tell your jokes with more personality, perform your stunts with more confidence and some material just doesn’t play at all on the street but works so beautifully on stage.

What is different about your “street show” vs. your “stage show”

I put a lot of work into Vaudevillian. I wanted to make sure that none of the tricks or jokes I use on the street are in my stage show. I love one part of my show where I get to talk about my Great Grandfather. a real vaudevillian from the 1920’s who played a big role in my early childhood fascination with magic.

Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

From 1860 to 1920, Vaudeville was the most popular form of entertainment. You and all your friends would go to see some of the best comedians, jugglers, magicians and singers. This was the golden era for variety entertainment and a huge inspiration to me, I always wanted to be on the Ed Sullivan Show. Sadly vaudeville died and as Bob Hope once said “Television was the box it was buried in” so I had to learn all of the skills to put on my own vaudeville variety show.

The 33rd Edmonton International Fringe is August 14 – 24. Get your tickets at

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