Edmonton Downstage | 18.08.2014

  • A little thing called the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is on!
    • Search for reviews using the Journal’s Fringe Festival app
    • Read reviews from Vue Weekly
    • The Sun has been writing about Fringe as well
    • Kristen (who writes Finster Finds)
    • and Ephemeral Pleasures are letting us follow their journeys through the Fringe

    • Of course, I’ve previewed quite a few shows
    • Or, just take a chance on a show with an interesting title or a great description and buy your ticket at: tickets.fringetheatre.ca
  • Theatre Network is hiring a General Manager
  • The What It Is Podcast released it’s 50th episode (congrats!) – Forceful Fringe Promo P2 and 51st episode: Forceful Fringe Promo P3
  • Kristen wrote about which other shows are in the Walterdale Theatre space. I love reading about what she’s looking forward to in the other productions!

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