Under the Mango Tree at Edmonton Fringe Festival

Under the Mango Tree
Sugar Foot Ballroom (10585 81 avenue) August 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ,22, 23, 24)
More information: veeneshdubois.com

An interview with Veenesh Dubois

Veenesh Dubois in Under the Mango Tree. Photo credit: Gabriel Morosan

Veenesh Dubois in Under the Mango Tree. Photo credit: Gabriel Morosan

Describe your show in five words.

Fortune. Abandonment. Father. Daughter. Letters.

Okay, now that we’re intrigued… what’s the longer description?

The father wants to find a better life for his family in a new country,Canada,so he leaves his daughter behind in the village in the care of her grandparents. The story follows the father and daughter writing letters to each other,him telling her about the exciting life in a new country and she begging him to come back.

I find it really interesting yet this is a one-woman show, and yet one of the central characters is a man. Why decide to structure the story around Timal?

Timal is the central character who ties the family together and in the end finds redemption through struggle.

Can you give us a bit of insight into the title of the show, Under the Mango tree. What does it mean to you literally and figuratively in the context of this play.

Under the mango tree is where I went to write this play,back in my village. A lot happened there, stories were told about legends,heartbreak,joy,love and death. Every night before bedtime,my grandmother combed my hair while telling me all these stories.

Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

My story is everyones story,we all came from somewhere else or have families that have. No matter where I put on this show,I always have people coming up to me and saying that I told their story..most always in tears because I made them remember about the struggle,endurance and the human spirit. Audiences from China,Japan,Poland,Russia and India to name a few….We are all the same.

Bonus question: Any names you want to drop who have been involved in your show (Edmonton arts people or otherwise)?

There have been so many people to who helped to make this happen but the most important person would have to be my husband, Ray, who travels with me to stage manage.He is the driving force behind me telling my story when I thought no one would care about what I had to say..He said “tell a good story from the heart and they will come”.

The 33rd Edmonton International Fringe is August 14 – 24. I’ll be previewing shows up until the Fringe starts. Want your show to appear on After the House Lights? Email [email protected].

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