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Keith Brown: Exchange at Edmonton Fringe Festival


Keith Brown: Exchange
La Cite Francophone – Suzanne Thibaudeau Auditorium (8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury) August 14 – 23 (every day)
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An interview with Keith Brown.

Keith Brown: Exchange. Photo credit: Lechon Kirb

Describe your show in five words.

Charming, engaging, magical, mysterious, unbelievable.

Okay, now that we’re intrigued… what’s the longer description?

Keith Brown: Exchange is an evening filled with mysteries that will stimulate your imagination and sense of wonder. Prepare to be engaged in extraordinary feats of magic unlike anything you have ever experienced. Exchange is the fusion of mystery, wonder, and storytelling in an intimate and interactive theatre setting. It uses everyday objects to produce miracles up close and personal. I focuse on magic that creates relationships; this is participatory entertainment at it’s finest, magic revolving around you – the audience.

You can’t have magic unless you share it with someone. I am just grateful that people show up and I can share with them something I am deeply passionate about and hold close to my heart.Your show uses everyday objects to produce miracles. What’s your favourite miracle in the show and and which everyday object does it involve?

Your show uses everyday objects to produce miracles. What’s your favourite miracle in the show and and which everyday object does it involve?

That’s always a tough one. I recently added a memory demonstration to my show which I really like. It’s more a feat of skill than a trick. It’s relatable and is very responsive with my audiences. However, my favourite miracle is the final trick in my show. It is my version of a classic in magic. It’s very personal to me and I have been doing it for over a decade. I have dedicated by far the most time to it than any other trick. It uses a shot glass, flashlight, wine glass, ziplock bag, marker, business card, sewing needles, gum, scissors, latex gloves, thread, apple cider vinegar and a lime wedge.

You’ve performed shows all over the world. Can you share some insights with us about how audiences have reacted differently to your performances? What are you expecting Edmonton audiences to enjoy the most in your show?

Magic is a universal language. In my experience most people react similarly. Some people gasp, laugh, applaud, swear, run away, scream or just go silent because it hits them so hard.

I expect Edmonton to enjoy my personality the most out of my show. Don’t get me wrong the magic is top notch but because of the participatory nature of my show I talk and interact with the audience. We get to know each other and hang out.
Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

I have being doing this for over 12 years because I love it. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s simply a good time.

Bonus question: Any names you want to drop who have been involved in your show (Edmonton arts people or otherwise)?

Unfortunately not! This is my first time and the Edmonton Fringe and first time touring the circuit. I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

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