Bull’s Heart at Edmonton Fringe Festival

Bull’s Heart
Strathcona Library (8331 – 104 street) August 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24
More information: veeneshdubois.com

An interview with Veenesh Dubois

Veenesh Dubois in Bull's Heart. Photo credit: Ray Dubois.

Veenesh Dubois in Bull’s Heart. Photo credit: Ray Dubois.

Describe your show in five words.

Greed. Power. Success. Expectations. Love.

Okay, now that we’re intrigued… what’s the longer description?

Bull’s Heart is about a money-and-power obsessed career woman .She has a loving husband and two children,whom she barely sees. Too busy wining and dining clients (more wining than dining) has consumed her life. She is on a downward spiral to self destruction even if she refuses to acknowledge it. Her mother gives her a broom for her 40th birthday, a not so subtle metaphor to clean her life. That and a plane ticket to visit her nursemaid back in her Indian village, changes everything. Bull’s Heart is a play about identity, about family and ultimately about transformation and redemption

Even with all the talk of work-life balance today, people have to struggle with reconciling their work life with their family life. What inspired you to write this story?

I watch women in the business world struggle to compete in a male dominated field and still be responsible for family and household. Generally women don’t get paid as high as men do and are constantly fighting for their rights in the work place.When a woman is in a high powered position at work she is often described as a bitch or a tyrant or has slept her way to the top. I watched and lived this life in business and lived to tell about it.

This show is rooted in the belief that family is the most important thing in the character’s life. With so many young people choosing their career or community over their family, did you question that belief at all throughout the process of creating Bull’s Heart?

I worry about what will happen in the next 20+ years when we are so busy with work and how much computers have taken over our lives. Family time is a struggle now with everyone on their cell phones and other electronic gadgets that we tend to forget what it feels like to just sit and talk. I think more and more kids will be dependant on the computer to entertain them while mom and dad are busy earning more, to give their family a better life…except a better life is for mom and dad to spend more time with the kids..I question this belief everyday and work hard to put phones away when I’m at home and listen to people more than worry about missing a call.

Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

Bull’s Heart will make you think about your own lives and maybe slow down and smell the flowers..money isn’t everything.

Bonus question: Any names you want to drop who have been involved in your show (Edmonton arts people or otherwise)?

I want to thank the Edmonton Fringe Festival and the beautiful audiences Alberta has,you all make this possible for us artists!!

The 33rd Edmonton International Fringe is August 14 – 24. I’ll be previewing shows up until the Fringe starts. Want your show to appear on After the House Lights? Email [email protected].

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