After the House Lights

Edmonton Downstage | 21.07.2014


I’m taking inspiration from Sharon Yeo’s wonderful blog, Only Here for the Food, and starting a roundup of Edmonton theatre happenings. I’m still going to be reviewing shows, but there’s so many wonderful theatre things happening in Edmonton, there’s no way one person can get to it all… so anything I’m not able to cover more fully will be included in my new series, Edmonton Downstage. Want to be included in the roundup? Email and I’ll make it happen.

And now, here we go…

The Freewill Shakespeare Festival is on until July 27 – this year’s production is The Taming of the Shrew. I saw the show last Tuesday and thought they did a fantastic job, especially given that they’re in an indoor venue (the Myer Horowitz at the University of Alberta) this year. They promise to return to the park next year, but for now, we’ll enjoy 100% fewer mosquitoes. I always admire how Freewill Players modernizes Shakespeare’s plays and makes the work accessible to those who don’t have a lot of background in Shakespeare. This year was no different and, in fact, I think they did an even better job than usual. I know there’s been some controversy over the choice of play, and I have to admit that even though I know the play explores themes of redemption and change and is absolutely still relevant, Petruchio’s interactions with Kate did make me feel uncomfortable.

Liz  Nicholls also wrote a very positive review of The Taming of the Shrew. 

Liz also reviewed Barefoot in the Parkwhich plays until July 26.

Northern Light Theatre announced their 2014/2015 season, which is all about gender. I’m super excited for their season closer, Christina/Philippe.

At the beginning of July, Workshop West announced Vern Thiessen as their new Artistic Director and announced their 2014/2015 season, including one of my favourite winter theatre festivals, the Canoe Theatre Festival. Mark your calendars – in 2015 it’s January 28 – February 1.

I’ve already received a few media releases for upcoming Fringe shows:

I’m not able to cover any Fringe shows this year, but I’ll be previewing as many as possible. Have a show you want to plug? Email

We all know I have a lot of love for the What It Is PodcastOn this week’s episode, Mary Hulbert talks about her role as Kate in The Taming of the Shrew. Taylor and Chris also talk about their experience at Cavalia’s Odysseo. 

I Don’t Get It podcast also discussed Odysseo during this week’s episode.

I reviewed Same Time Next Year last week, which is dark now, but plays again July 25 – 27.

Finally, I want to give a big shout out to Alan Westen, who designed the feature image for this series. I first met Alan when I was sound operator and he was light operator for Proof last December, but we had the chance to work together on the recent run of Jennie’s Story (both at Walterdale Playhouse). Thanks, Alan!