#yegfringe and After the House Lights

For the first time since I moved to Edmonton, I’m going to be away during the Fringe Festival. While it’s for a good cause (a friend I met while she was here on exchange is getting married and I’m attending her wedding in Germany), I’m sad I’ll be missing Fringe.

Fringe made me fall in love not just with theatre, but with Edmonton. I moved to Edmonton for school, but felt really disconnected from the city in my “university bubble”. Fringe introduced me not just to amazing theatre, but to how beautiful this city & it’s citizens are and the festival reminds me of that every year.

Even though I won’t be here during Fringe, I’m going to endeavour to preview as many shows as possible on After the House Lights leading up to Fringe. Want to plug your show? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll make it happen!

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