Citadel Theatre Launches 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign

The first time I went to the Citadel Theatre was to see Beauty and the Beast in May 2010. I’ve been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast since I was a kid. In fact, I’m not afraid to admit that I watch it on a regular basis, even now as an adult. Just like Belle (the heroine in Beauty and the Beast, obviously), for most of my life I’ve been searching for something more, thinking, “there must be more than this provincial life”But falling in love with theatre kept me in this town. Because of theatre I met people who shared my interests, I developed networks of friends and colleagues, and I saw potential in Edmonton – not just as a city, but as a home. And that all started at The Citadel.

Citadel Theatre launched it’s 50th anniversary capital campaign on September 23, with the goal of raising $5 million by 2015. The money will be spent giving the Citadel’s iconic building a face lift to bring it more in line with the famous theatre buildings of New York or Chicago. The renovations will also be focused on giving people walking by on the street a glimpse of what the Citadel has to offer and inviting them in. Another portion of the funds will help improve the Citadel’s educational programming. $1 million has already been contributed by MacLab Enterprises. Liz Nichols wrote a great summary of the campaign and the announcement for the Edmonton Journal – check it out for more details.

If you love theatre in this town – even if you don’t see it at Citadel Theatre – the announcement of this campaign certainly gives us the opportunity to look back on what the Citadel has done for us. It’s helped create a reputation for the quality of theatre in Edmonton. It’s given many audiences their first-ever taste of real theatre, probably at the annual production of A Christmas Carol. It’s shown actors, technicians, and administrators that careers in the arts DO exist. Or, at least, it’s done all that for me. So, if the Citadel has done the same for you, donate your time, donate your money, or hell, donate your employer’s money.

– Jenna Marynowski

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