The Juvyline Cubangbang Show: Not Your Typical Rom-Com

Mark Vetch plays Jack in TheJuvyline Cubangbang Show. Photo credit: Jake Prins

“I think that no matter who you are, everyone’s gone through the question: ‘What could happen if I do something differently?’ or: ‘Have you missed a chance?’ That feeling you get in your gut when you think you’ve missed an opportunity or that you should have done something else is pretty average and pretty universal.” This is how director Katie Hudson describes Blue Sky Theatre Emporium’s production of The Juvyline Cubangbang Show at Punctute! Theatre November 21 – 25.

The Juvyline Cubangbang Show, aside from being a mouthful to pronounce, is a twisty though not necessarily dark  look at two of the conditions that make us human: doubt and second-guessing ourselves. Katie describes the show as being “about a young man named Jack who is struggling to find the answer to ‘what to do?’ He’s just met a girl who he really cares about and he’s going through the ‘what ifs’ of the situation. What could happen? What could happen? What would happen if…? And he spends the show tossing [around] and diverting from that question.”

Since it has appeared twice in Edmonton previously, once at the University of Alberta’s New Works Festival in 2010 and again at NextFest 2010, don’t come to it expecting to see a re-run of the 2010 versions. Katie says, “The way I approach the script is that it’s in production. I want the actors to start with a fresh slate and to bring in their ideas and talents and skills and who they are as actors. As a director, I’m certainly very aware of what has and hasn’t worked in the past productions.”

While Katie has directed the previous two incarnations of The Juvyline Cubangbang Show, this run features a new cast. Katie explains, ‘we’ve had the opportunity to rustle up the cast and so one of the really exciting things in rehearsal has been seeing what these new performers bring to the table… The original cast consisted of three wonderful actors as well. Stuart Hoye, who we love dearly, was the original father of the character of Jack and was unable to do the show due to an accident, but we’re so grateful and thankful and he’s on his way to a speedy recovery.”

The Juvyline Cubangbang Show is part of Punctuate! Theatre’s 2012/2013 performance series. Sheiny Satanove, Artistic Producer of Punctuate! Theatre says: “It’s four different shows that we thought deserved to be remounted and reworked. We wanted to provide the opportunity for other emerging companies and artists [to show their work]. At Punctuate! Theatre we want things that are physically and textually rich. So we try to get a combination of those. So, the Juvyline Cubangbang Show is straight theatre, it’s very textually rich. In January we’re doing a clown show, so that’s physical theatre. In March, it’s more of a movement-based show, so again a more physical show, and we’re ending the season with dance with Good Women Dance Collective.”

The Juvyline Cubangbang Show runs November 21 -25. Tickets are $15 – $17, but a pass for the entire 2012/2013 performance series can be bought for $40. Tickets are cash only at the door of the TACOS Arts Space (10005 – 80 Avenue).

– Jenna Marynowski

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