Cygnets’ Dark Days Shines in its Subtleties

Dark Days cover

Dark Days – the new album from Cygnets – is catchy, danceable, sexy, and well, dark. The album opens with “Victoria’s Song,” which starts with five seconds of the eerie type of music featured in every horror movie, and sort of sets the tone for the whole album. Soon enough though, Logan Turner’s familiar deep, dark voice kicks in, along with a synthesizer and steady drumming backbeat. Better put on your dancing shoes and settle in, because new and exciting combinations of these three elements just keep coming, song after song, throughout Dark Days.

Cygnets have it down to a science how to blend punk-influences, keyboards, synthesizers, and gothic fantasies into irresistible music. Nearly every song on Dark Days features an incredibly catchy, although repetitive, phrase, such as, “Are you still in the void?” on “Teenager” and “touching you, touching me” on “Richey Edwards Traces.” At first listen, the combination of guitars, synthesizers, drums, and vocals might sounds repetitive, or monotone. But give the album a closer listen. Listen to the hopeful, dark optimism in “Dark Romantic” and “We Will Become Enemies.” In both of these songs, the key changes during the verses, in contrast with the lower-register chorus, perfectly capture the difficulty in expressing what you truly feel –  not through the lyrics, but through the feeling infused in each word, each hit of the drum, or each strum of the guitar. Are you more of a rock fan? Start the album at “Satellites” and pump up “Rx Victims” (probably one of my favorite tracks – the keyboard and guitars are amazing, and the beat is sure to make you move).

My final recommendation? Dark Days will bring you over to the dark side – but it’s okay, they have dance parties! (Okay, I’ll apologize for that pun, but how could I not?) Seriously though, if you like new wave, pop, or dance music, check out this album – it will keep you moving.

Dark Days comes out on March 6th, but snag a free copy of Dark Days (by showing up before 10:00pm) at the CD release party at the Pawn Shop on March 3rd! Want more Cygnets? Check them out at, where you can download both their 2010 album Bleak Decade, and their 2009 EP for free (with the option to donate to the band).

Don’t miss:

  • Victoria’s Song
  • Dark Romantic
  • Rx Victims

Dark Days Track Listing:

  1. Victoria’s Song
  2. Teenager
  3. Leave the Prophets Dead Where They Lie
  4. Dark Romantic
  5. Sarah Smith
  6. We Will Become Enemies
  7. Satellites
  8. Rx Victims
  9. A Broken Mirror
  10. Cassie Ainsworth
  11. The Dreaded Ninth
  12. Richey Edwards Traces
  13. Dread City
  14. Regression

– Jenna Marynowski

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