Edmonton, I Love You Showcases Hidden Gems

February 13, 7:00 pm

Metro Cinema, tickets $10. Advance tickets available at Blackbyrd Myoozik.

I’ve only lived in Edmonton since 2008, but in that time I’ve traversed the pendulum from not particularly liking the city (and especially it’s winters) to loving the city (but still hating winter). But I think that’s the relationship we have with any place that we call home. And, as in any type of relationship, sometimes you just need to celebrate what the other party (in this case, Edmonton) brings to the table.

What is that? According to Jon Mick, organizer of Edmonton, I Love You next Monday at Metro Cinema? Music, comedy, and film! And all three will be brought together in an evening filled with variety, adult beverages, and humour.

The idea of combining live performance (comedians, music, or acting) with pre-recorded media (such as film shorts) is one that I’ve seen gaining more traction, but I ask Jon Mick what inspired him to put together this particular show. “Just doing anything arts-related in Edmonton, you kind of end up delving into different forms of media, whether it’s video or music or just straight performance art or acting. I’ve met a ton of people over the time I’ve been performing in Edmonton. I wanted to include all my favorite people in one night… I have a ton of friends who are all doing different things, and I thought it would be cool to get them all together for a show.”

In listening to Jon describe the line up, it seems like a “tasters menu” for some of Edmonton’s “hidden gems” that not everyone may have experienced. Jon says, “There’s definately going to be an element of surprise… I hope people are pleasantly surprised, that they’re not walking away with a scowl, but I really love everyone who’s involved with this night. It’s a big night, there’s a lot of things going on. There’s a little something for everyone I guess.”

Edmonton, I Love You will take place at Metro Cinema in the Garneau Theatre building. I thought this was an interesting choice of venue for such a variety show, and I asked Jon about the reasons behind choosing Metro Cinema. “[The Garneau Theatre building] is an amazing venue. I’ve gone to movies there ever since I started living in Edmonton, and I always thought how cool it would be to be on stage there with the red velvet curtain behind you… I’ve always toyed with the thought of putting on a show there and I couldn’t think of anything that was big enough, or would fill enough seats, but it is an amazing location, run by an amazing group of people… The Metro are doing great things in the city. I think it’s important to try to do things there.”

I ask Jon what his vision for the show is – what he wants people to get out of it. His answer brings a smile to my face: “I want everyone to come out and party and enjoy themselves and enjoy all these great performers and people. We live in a great city. Sometimes it’s easy to be cynical about it. Sometimes, even myself, I’ve been cynical about it, not as a performer, but just as a citizen. It’d be great to go out and say ‘I Love You Edmonton, I think you’re swell.’ ”

So, what does the line-up look like? Here’s who will be performing at Edmonton, I Love You:


Field + Stream
Jom Comyn
James Renton
Jessica Jalbert Band


Craig Martell
Mike Robertson
The Cunning Linguists


Rapid Fire Theatre
Giulliano Palladino
Mission Accomplished

– Jenna Marynowski

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