Lights to Create an Electronic Playground



November 17, 7:00 pm

Edmonton Events Centre

Tickets: $38.50 from Ticketmaster

Canadian-born artist Lights will transform the stage into her own personal electronic playground Thursday at the Edmonton Events Centre. With sonic comparisons to Owl City, I’m looking for what sets her above and beyond the now readily available, hyper-processed and produced vocal quality and ambient synth sound. I wait in anticipation, with fingers crossed, for a spark, a hint of something sharp to burst through the sugary bubble.

Showcased as “dreamy” and “cute” electro pop, with a Juno under her belt, I want the rawness, dirt and vulnerability of a live performance to subdue my sugar high. Undoubtedly, her album’s production has continuously been of a highly perfective and analytical caliber. If her maturing artistic capabilities in a live setting can match her skilled production, this pop songwriter will become a permanent fixture in the Canadian music scene. With an airy, ethereal melodic quality that lulls even the rowdiest of spirits, Edmonton is in for a warm, fuzzy musical blanket, soothing our souls and smoothing our transition into the serene snowy landscape around us.

– Allison Sokil

Having seen Lights perform this summer at Edmonton’s Utopia Music Festival, I would definitely recommend that anyone who has enjoyed Lights’ cheerful pop music – whether on a CD or the radio – check out her live show. Warm, friendly, and personable, Lights knows how to transform a venue – no matter what size – into a place where interaction with the crowd is not just recommended, but required. Some artists take to the stage, play their set, and leave. With Lights, the focus is not just on the music, but on interacting with her fans. Through both her music and her light and fun banter with the crowd, she creates the experience that most fans want when they buy a ticket – they want to get to know the artist as a person. And Lights delivers…in between the fun and catchy songs that we all know, and can’t help being addicted to.

– Jenna Marynowski

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