Souljah Fyah will Ignite On the Rocks

Souljah Fyah

9:00, Sunday, November 6

On the Rocks (11740 Jasper Avenue)

Tickets: $5.00 at the door

Soujah Fyah is an Edmonton-based Reggae music band. Their success is undisputed, with being nominated in the 2009 JUNO awards, winning a Western Canada Music Award, and having been TWICE declared the best Reggae band in Canada by the Canadian Reggae Music Awards and the Reggae Music Achievement Awards. One thing I really admire about Souljah Fyah is that they don’t hide the fact that they’re from Edmonton – or even Canada – while keeping their music undeniably Reggae. For example, one of my favourite songs of theirs, “8 Days of Summer” contains the line “come to Edmonton right away,” as well as other references to Edmonton and Canada. The song is about, of course, how eight days of summer is all we Edmontonians need. Having lived in Edmonton for the past 4 years, I’m happy if we get just one day of summer!

Seeing Souljah Fyah perform to a hometown crowd at Utopia Music Festival last June was a treat. Frontwoman Janaya “Sista J” Ellis’ larger-than-life personality brought the then-seated crowd to their feet and soon had everyone moving in time with the music. What I enjoy most about Soulja Fyah is the love that is inherent in both their music and their live performance. What do I mean by love being inherent in music? Listen to “Freedom Seeker” or “Perfect People” (they’re only $0.99 on iTunes)  – to me, the tenderness in Ellis’ voice conveys a love to her listeners – or maybe the entire world – in a way that a lot of other singers don’t. So, while I haven’t seen Souljah Fyah perform at On the Rocks before (it appears they do so semi-regularly), I expect the performance to be simultaneously relaxing (perfect for a Sunday!) and uplifting.

Here is a performance Souljah Fyah gave this past summer:

Some of Souljah Fyah’s music can be heard on Myspace and “Behind That Face” is available for free download on Souljah Fyah’s website.

-Jenna Marynowski

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