Utopia Music Festival: Day 2, Part 2

Out of all the performers, I was most impressed by David Usher. Despite a rainy day, every one of his songs lifted my mood, and a similar energy seemed to moved across the audience. David Usher’s vibes really warmed up the place—even the sun came out, apparently just to see him perform, since it started raining again soon after.

The crowd loved him; at the end of the show, he hung around near the stage and I was able to see when three little kids approached him and gave him a big hug—that’s how you can tell that David Usher is charming on and off the stage. His personality was reflected in his performance as well, especially by the way he interacted with the audience and the members of his band. In fact, the entire band had a charming, down to earth attitude. This is very impressive coming from a performer that, according to Utopia Music Festival’s webpage,  has sold over 1.3 million albums and has just released his 7th solo album.

But of course, it was not all about his great character. His music presented a very unique combination of instruments, especially the saxophone, which was a delightful addition that the audience found impressive. They got lost in his music. Perhaps the only bad thing about his performance is how short it was.

Although most fans were anxious for headliner LIGHTS to perform, a very memorable performance preceded her in the form of Rich Aucion – a performer who, according to Utopia organisers, is “on a mission to create a euphoric communal experience.” Aucion’s performance was a spectacle – confetti guns, a parachute, and a crowd that was as much a part of the performance as the band made the experience truly one of a kind.

Headliner LIGHTS did not disappoint the anxious crowd. Her catchy songs translated perfectly into a fun-loving, love-loving, and energetic set filled with fan favourites such as “Drive My Soul”, “My Boots”, “Ice” and more. Although LIGHTS’ fantastic vocal range could have been better showcased during the performance, her biggest strength was the way she interacted with the crowd – they loved her and she loved them right back. LIGHTS was supported by a fantastic band, particularly Kat (female backing vocals and keyboard) which added a whole new dimension, distinguishing the live show from the album versions.

-Jenna Marynowski and Ana Miranda

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